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Two new tracks, The inner torment and Red Moon

Two new tracks has been released

Two new tracks: New lifeforms and Acqua

Two new tracks available today for your listening/downloading at Bandcamp. Hear “New lifeforms”, an experimental piece, and “Acqua”, electronica with sub bass sounds.


Eventually EP

Suburbia’s first EP, inspired by science.

Track list:

01 – Resistive force

02 – Nuclear warfare

03 – Fluorescence

04 – U-235

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Eventually, first EP by Suburbia

Eventually, the first EP by Suburbia, is out now in all main digital stores and streaming platforms worldwide (Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Play Music, Bandcamp, Napster, Deezer, Tidal, Shazam and Pandora)

Take an electronic journey through science, Sci-Fi landscapes and impossible synthetic sounds.


New track: Fluorescence

A new track titled Fluorescence is available at Bandcamp. It is inspired in the physics of laser light emission. Check it out!